Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gossip starts here: Robsten talking babies!

Weekly Gossip Time! So here I'm posting a celeb gossip- the Robsten rollercoaster: They broke up, they got back together, then they adopted a dog together, Kristen revealed that she really wants to have a baby with Rob, Rob got a bit sick of Kristen & decided to dump her, then he changed her mind & now they're both talking about their future: babies!

Robsten has decided to put their old problems aside and start over after Kristen's big cheating scandal. Now they're talking about starting a family together: "Rob finally caved this weekend", an insider tells. "They were talking about their future and Rob told her that as long as she stays true to him, he's willing to have a baby with her"."She feels like she's getting a second chance at life. Now that they're back in a good place and planning their family, she feels alive again" the source also explains. "They've both agreed that they want to raise their baby in England. Rob is very patriotic and feels like an English childhood is be-all end end-all". Awww, I know they'd have the most adorable baby ever together & a Robsten baby will be a perfect end to The Twilight Saga!

I'm not a Robsten fan, well I used be before all the cheating drama. But everyone deserves a second chance, don't they? So I'll go along with it. My opinion: they should give it a little more time & not rush at it. The rollercoaster is going really fast, maybe slow down a little bit? And I'm not really sure if Kristen can handle this, I just don't think she'll be a very good mom. Period. But your opinion? Comment below to let me know, maybe I'll change my mind on this one. Share & tell your friends about this hot gossip. I know its a bit old, it was posted 4 days ago in Posh24. But its worth to know, right Robsten fans? You must be really happy!
Xoxo, Maria.