Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hot chocolate on a cold day ♥ chocolate on a cold, snowy day, thats my status today! Its freezing here in Sweden & I don't feel like doing anything today, besides sipping on my hot chocolate, blogging & listening to music ♥ The song playing on my ipod is Surrender, by Digital Daggers. God, love that song, & I think you'll love it too. So, this was just a personal little post to let you know what's going with my life, & me. Its been all about fashion, fashion & fashion for a few days. I don't ever get tired of fashion, but I know some people might. So this post will bring a bit of balance in this blog. & whats going on with your life? Is it snowing where you live? Do you like hot chocolate too? So many questions, & I just can't fall asleep with them in my mind. Curiosity is a bitch.
Xoxo, Maria.