Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Galaxy Delight! ♥

Hiya! Today I'm going to entertain you with some "Galaxy Delight ♥" , as I call it. I just found this pic on the internet & I have put together a little makeup tutorial for it, which is gonna work & look great on you! [hopefully, because I didn't test it on myself, but there you have a picture proof!"]. So lets get started, this wouldn't be so hard I guess, specially if you are a pro on making yourself up!
You need: black pencil liner, eyeliner, mascara, nude pink lipgloss, metallic purple or galaxy purple eyeshadow [as you see in the picture above, a violety shade] & ivory eyeshadow, primer or cream concealer, liquid foundation or creamy mousse, whatever you always use.
1. First apply foundation or mousse to your face [always use two shades lighter than your skintone].
2. Then apply loose face powder to set the foundation you just applied.
3. Apply primer or cream concealer to your eyelids too, just to create a smooth base for your eyeshadow.
4. Use black pencil liner & trace your top lashline from the inner corner to the outer. Use the same pencil to dot between your lower lashes. Smudge both lashlines with an eyeliner brush, or you can also use a cotton swab.
5. Apply the purple eyeshadow [purple works with black eyeliner] over your lid & into your crease & blend the color up and outward.
6. Dust ivory eyeshadow [which is a lighter, neutral eyeshadow] just over your browbone.
7. Apply two coats of black mascara.
8. Finish off with nude pink lipgloss on your lips.
[Apply blush shade if you want, keep the color close to your lip color!]
There you have the smokey eyes party look above! Hope this little tutorial helps, got a little help from Marie Claire. Correct my mistakes by commenting below!
I put together some Galaxy wear for this particular look, you can take a look at it if you are wondering what to wear with it:
Hope all of these outfits match with the look, atleast some of them! You can always brighten or darken the eyeshadow, add a little pink, magenta, metallic or electric blue to it, just to match the look with your outfit. I'll leave that up to you ♥
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Xoxo, Maria.