Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween ♥

Today's Halloween! What are your plans? I'm super excited to be a Zombie Barbie! What else did you think I was gonna be? Something fashionably scary ofcourse ♥ I got the idea from Michelle Phan, my favorite makeup artist from youtube. She has a amazing sense of fashion & always has the best music in her makeup tutorials. In the Zombie Barbie makeup tutorial she played the song ''Primadonna'' & other songs of one of my fav singers, Marina & the diamonds. I think she did a pretty good job, check it out on this video below:

P.S. This is my first blog post, on Hallow's Eve ♥ What do you think of it? Should I continue like this, or should I improve? Plz let me know by commenting on this post! Bye for today, xoxo.