Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hey pretty readers, I have seen that many of you don't know what ''xoxo'' means. But many of you pretend that you know it, haha just joking! Xoxo means hugs & kisses. Now you know it. Love, as simple as that ♥ & why am I suddenly saying this? The reason is I'm going to spend the winter vacation in my home country Bangladesh, I won't be blogging much & I just want you guys to know that I love you, my pretty readers. I'll be really busy, & guess what? I'm going to be a bridesmaid! Its my cousin's wedding & I'm really excited. I have to do the bridesmaid shopping as soon as I get there, & then learn myself the dance choreography & attend all the rituals & the parties. I'll try my best to fill you in with all the gory details of a total indie wedding & my journey as a bridesmaid ♥ I'm flying to BD tomorrow & I'll be back in Sweden in January. Hope to see you soon with my bridesmaid diary, inspired by my stay in BD, so until then... 
Xoxo, Maria.  [quoted from ''xoxo,Gossip Girl'' the best tv show on earth]

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Get the look: Oh my p!nk ♥ [Weekly Style Set]

Hey stylistas, today I created a new style set & I just want to share it with you guys. Get the stylish look: Oh my p!nk ♥
Rare London Belted Chiffon Open Back Dress.
Karen Millen Custom Chain Cuff.
Karlie Kloss Dazzles Juicy Couture [Couture La La Fragrance Campaign].
Glitter Uber Platform Pump.
Dior Vernis Color Block Nail Lacquer.
Calvin Klein Maria Ipad Portfolio.
Red Valentino Bow Crossbody Bag.
Keep calm & love pink forever! & hope you love this style set too ♥ Like, tweet, comment & share if you do. I'll see you soon with more new style sets so stay tuned. You'll find my style set collection in the ''Style Sets ♥'' gallery here on my blog. & you have permission to feature them in your page, as long as you leave the credit.
Xoxo, Maria.
PS: I'm not @maria_ariel_w anymore, I'm now @pink_belieber on twitter.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Enchanting Sleeping Beauty Christmas Window♥

Hey xmas lovers! Isn't this Christmas window just beautiful? Just wanted to share this with you guys. & the Sleeping Beauty doll is just gorgeous, don't you think? ♥ Stole this from the Vogue Paris facebook page & just couldn't wait to post it. Christmas windows around the world, from Barneys New York, to Harrods in London via Galeries Lafayette in Paris, see this year's best fashion Christmas windows on

Like, tweet, comment & share if you think this Christmas window is the best ever ♥ See you soon with more Christmas juice!
Xoxo, Maria.

Hot chocolate on a cold day ♥ chocolate on a cold, snowy day, thats my status today! Its freezing here in Sweden & I don't feel like doing anything today, besides sipping on my hot chocolate, blogging & listening to music ♥ The song playing on my ipod is Surrender, by Digital Daggers. God, love that song, & I think you'll love it too. So, this was just a personal little post to let you know what's going with my life, & me. Its been all about fashion, fashion & fashion for a few days. I don't ever get tired of fashion, but I know some people might. So this post will bring a bit of balance in this blog. & whats going on with your life? Is it snowing where you live? Do you like hot chocolate too? So many questions, & I just can't fall asleep with them in my mind. Curiosity is a bitch.
Xoxo, Maria.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Get the look: Roses & Thorns ♥ [Start Of Weekly Style Sets!]

Get the look: Roses & Thorns ♥
Elise Ryan: Sequin Panel Mesh Skater Dress.
Lipsy Patent Court Shoe.
Giselle Velvet Touch Twist Detail Clutch.
Butter London Lippy- Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection' Lip Gloss.

Some of favorite pastimes are styling & creating sets! This style set is created by me, just bringing out my inner stylist into my blog. So what do you think? Me as a stylista, who could have imagined it. Like, tweet, comment & share with your friends if you love this look! I'll see you soon with more of my style sets, you can post them in your page, please just leave the credit.
Xoxo, Maria.

Nelly Inspired Christmas Wishlist ♥

Hey wishlistas, here with something Christmassy & stylish ♥ Xmas is just around the corner, so create your own Christmas wishlist full of fashionable clothing & accessories on, or just send one to your special someone! Okay let's face it, grandma wouldn't have a clue about the latest trend on fashion so why not make it easy for her by sending her a Nelly Christmas wishlist this year! Links below:




Well, I think thats a fabulous idea! Like, tweet, comment & share if you think so to ♥ Besides is my favorite, gorgeous hotbuys with reasonable prices! & I'll see you shopaholics soon with more christmassy shopping juice, until then...
Xoxo, Maria.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lookbook Interior #1 :: Parisian Heart ♥

Hey girls! Sorry, I haven't been lookbooking much here on my blog, since Black Friday. So today I'm gonna post a lookbook material which is slightly different- its lookbook interior ♥ As you know, I love Paris & New York. & so I'm totally in love with this inspired Paris Room & just can't wait to have one like this:
You can find all interior design posts in the labels: "Decor" & "Lookbook Interior" ♥ So what do you think? Can you dream out loud about having a room like this one? I think this room is simply adorable & chic at the same time! & as I have a fashion heart, I won't hesitate a bit about dreaming out loud about having a room like this one ♥ J'adore Paris (& New York). Like, tweet, share & comment if you love this Paris inspired room, I'll see you soon with more stylish interiors ♥
Xoxo, Maria.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Urban Decay Giveaway ♥

Christmas special giveaway for the urban girls & giveaway lovers- collect away! Just thought posting a exclusive giveaway here on my blog might be a great way to embrace winter & Christmas ♥ & who doesn't love Urban Decay cosmetics? So this is specially for the Urban Decay fans: Urban Decay build your own palette & 5 eyeshadow shades of your choice! Giveaway period: 27th November - 25th December 2012. Giveway entry: Enter here!    [just click on ''enter here'']

Hope you like it, makeup lovers! Are you entering the giveaway? Comment to let me know please! Like, tweet, share & tell your makeup lovin' friends ♥ I'll see you soon with more fashion giveaways, so don't forget to follow my blog & twitter- Miss Fashionist@maria_ariel_w , you know always follow back!

Gossip starts here: Justin's cozy sleepover with Selena♥

Weekly Gossip Time! This week, get ready for a celeb gossip ♥ This is specially for the beliebers: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez was spotted leaving her house yesterday in his new Ferrari. The couple were heading to his Calabasas Estate. The couple broke up but they're back together & now, a sleepover! So you must be really happy! Me too, I think they make a really cute couple, even though I'm not a hard core belieber. & look at them, all grown up! Justin has really grown up now, and that he's no longer the child star we first got to know him as. For more details & pics of the two lovebirds' car ride, head over to:

Comment your opinion ♥ Do you like Jelena? If you do, don't forget to like, tweet, share & tell your belieber friends! I'll see with more celeb gossip soon [weekly roundup].
Xoxo, Maria.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dolce & Gabbana: The One Desire ♥

Brand new top trend: Dolce & Gabbana The One Desire fragrance ♥ Tempation & seduction, who wouldn't love it. Already in my wishlist & planning on buying it! Fell in love with it at the first look & just can't afford to miss it ♥ Collecting perfumes has always been my hobby. Perfume ad campaign shot by Terry Richardson and starring Scarlett Johansson:
..Stolen from Dolce & Gabbana- facebook page..
& what about you? Like Dolce & Gabbana & their brand new fragrance? Comment to let me know if you like it, & buying it. If you already bought it, let me know what you think of it, should I buy it?
Xoxo, Maria.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Justin Bieber's New Fragance: Girlfriend ♥

Hey beliebers, Justin Bieber's brand new fragance ''Girlfriend'' is out! Its the top trend right now, so I decided to post it here on my top trendy blog! & check out the extremely cute video of the perfume by Justin:
I think you can buy the fragrance from Debenhams ♥ Plus, 10% off all Fragrance Gift Sets at Debenhams! If you’re looking for an extra special gift or putting together your wish list this Christmas, then let this inspire you. You can shop their fabulous range of gift sets online: and save 10% & get 500 Bonus Points when you spend £40 or more. So what are you waiting for? I think you should check this amazing offer out & make someone happy with a Fragrance Gift Set, maybe yourself. You might also find ''Girlfriend'' there! & comment to let me know if you are buying it, because I'm

Xoxo, Maria.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gossip starts here: Robsten talking babies!

Weekly Gossip Time! So here I'm posting a celeb gossip- the Robsten rollercoaster: They broke up, they got back together, then they adopted a dog together, Kristen revealed that she really wants to have a baby with Rob, Rob got a bit sick of Kristen & decided to dump her, then he changed her mind & now they're both talking about their future: babies!

Robsten has decided to put their old problems aside and start over after Kristen's big cheating scandal. Now they're talking about starting a family together: "Rob finally caved this weekend", an insider tells. "They were talking about their future and Rob told her that as long as she stays true to him, he's willing to have a baby with her"."She feels like she's getting a second chance at life. Now that they're back in a good place and planning their family, she feels alive again" the source also explains. "They've both agreed that they want to raise their baby in England. Rob is very patriotic and feels like an English childhood is be-all end end-all". Awww, I know they'd have the most adorable baby ever together & a Robsten baby will be a perfect end to The Twilight Saga!

I'm not a Robsten fan, well I used be before all the cheating drama. But everyone deserves a second chance, don't they? So I'll go along with it. My opinion: they should give it a little more time & not rush at it. The rollercoaster is going really fast, maybe slow down a little bit? And I'm not really sure if Kristen can handle this, I just don't think she'll be a very good mom. Period. But your opinion? Comment below to let me know, maybe I'll change my mind on this one. Share & tell your friends about this hot gossip. I know its a bit old, it was posted 4 days ago in Posh24. But its worth to know, right Robsten fans? You must be really happy!
Xoxo, Maria.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Cyber Monday! ♥

Happy Cyber Monday shopaholics! So maybe some of you are wondering what ''Cyber Monday'' is, or what the hell is she talking about? Cyber Monday is basically the monday following Black Friday & Thanksgiving in the US when many people buy a lot of things online. And Cyber Monday just made today, my crappy-as-always monday so much better! So did any of you shop online? I didn't shop online this year, because I already did a loads of shopping on Black Friday & spent all my money. But still, it was worth it ♥ No exceptions to shopping, right? So I just wanted to say, have a nice Cyber Monday shopping online, don't miss the awesome sales right now & have loads of fun! Please let me know how your Cyber Monday went by commenting below! Like, tweet & share if you loved this fashion post, its not much to ask, is it? I'll see you soon with more of them ♥
Xoxo, Maria.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vila Girls ♥

This post is specially for the Vila Lovers! Take a stylish picture on Instagram of your party outfit this weekend and use the hashtag #VILAPARTY . Vila will give the owners of the three best pictures a gift and share some of the pictures on its facebook page- VILA CLOTHES . I say, don't miss this ♥ & also, share this with your friends with the passion for fashion & photography, be a Vila Girl ♥
                   Stolen from VILA CLOTHES on facebook.

I think Vila's just amazing & its also one of my favorite brands ♥ What about you, like Vila? & are you participating? Comment to let me know. I think you should, specially if you're addicted to Instagram. See you soon with more fashion juice!
Xoxo, Maria.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Special Black Friday gifts for Twilighters ♥

Looking for special Twilight gifts on Black Friday for your little Twilighter? Pick up the brand new & beautifully handcrafted fine jewelry from official The Twilight Saga jewelry collection, exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond!:
Wow, can you believe Twilight has launched its official jewelry collection? Any true Twilight fan will love this collection as I do. & what about you? Like them? Then comment below to let me know! & don't forget to tweet & share with your friends Twilight's official jewelry collection launch- a perfect gift idea for Twifans ♥
Xoxo, Maria.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Black Friday! ♥

Hey fashionholics, happy Black Friday to you all. Black Friday is basically the day following Thanksgiving Day in the U.S, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season! Have you guys started shopping for Christmas yet? I'm not a Christian, but I love the Christmas atmosphere, Christmas trees, sales, shopping, food, gifts & ofcourse, Santa Claus! Hihi yeah, I believe in him. So now I'm just gonna post this year's Black Friday fashion:
                             Stolen from Style Magazine.
Hell yeah, don't miss the awesome sales! I have already started the Christmas & winter shopping, what about you? & I think this year's Black Friday top trends were quite classy, specially the velvet jacket & those black earrings! Like them? I would love to know, so comment away! & don't forget to like, tweet & share if you like 'em. By the way- Black Friday Styleshow- 
Xoxo, Maria.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gossip starts here: Robsten going separate ways again?!

Good Gossip Time! So every week I'm going to post hottest gossips about celebs & fashion ♥ This week's hot gossip: Rumor has it Robert Pattinson is getting sick of Kristen Stewart again, and that he's in fact thinking about dumping her for good. "He's been waiting for all the promotion for Breaking Dawn Part 2 to be over, and then he's going to move on fully", a source explains. "He won't have a tie to her after all this is done, and then he won't be forced to see her". Gossip pics:
My opinion: I used to love Robsten...once upon a time, so now I'll say- Oh man, yes! Finally Rob made the right choice, to move on & forget Kristen who made a fool of him in front of the whole world. That seems long ago, but still, she broke his heart, so she deserves it in her face. Well, what goes around, comes around. I would love to know your opinion though, so comment please! Nothings more dramatic & enjoyable than a catfight ♥ Don't forget to like, tweet & share this hot mess, be the first of your friends to post this on twitter, facebook etc.
Xoxo, Maria.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lookbook Accessories #1 :: Black Friday Inspired Accessory ♥

As you know, I have started my lookbook here on my blog. So today I'm gonna post a Black Friday inspired accessory, this shoe I really like that I have added it to my wishlist & Dream Out Loud's "Lookbook Accessories" label ♥ Find all accessories I'll be posting, loved & inspired by me, just there! Black Friday's really close, 23 Nov, so don't miss it! & I found this pic by getting lost on google images & I think its just so chic, cute & sassy! So what do you think about this lookbook material? Navy velvet tights & leatherette bow heels, hot or not? I would love to know, so comment away! This is my second lookbook post here on my blog, am I being an amateur at this? Let me know your opinion please ♥ If you like my posts, don't forget to follow my blog, you know I always follow back similar blogs!..
Xoxo, Maria.

Finally Breaking Dawn Part 2 ♥

Breaking Dawn 2 is finally out on theaters! On 16 November ♥ Have any of you seen it yet? It was such an EPIC finale! My twilight heart was beating so fast when it ended. Its over, the saga♥ Oh I love happily ever afters! Thank you for all these amazing & unforgettable years. Love you forever & miss you already! Harry Potter or Hunger Games, nothing compares to Twilight, right? Its addictive & lifechanging. So I'm Team Twilight always & forever, twihaters can go to hell, we twihards won't stop loving Twilight! Which team are you in- Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Twilight? Okay I'm going to stop comparing them, they're perfect in their own ways. So let me know your opinion about the movie by commenting below, & if you cried tears of joy or sadness, like me. I'll see you soon with more new posties! Bye
Spoiler: The genius writer of Twilight, Stephenie Meyer, wrote another book called ''The Host'' & I think that it'll come out next year, in 2013! So get ready for some more excitement. Xoxo, Maria.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hobby means a lot ♥

This is totally me! Love collecting loads of colorful nail polish (lipglosses & perfumes too), its my hobby. Whenever I find the nail polish/lipgloss I really like & must have, I buy it immediately & add it to my collection. & I adore nail art & manicures too ♥ I have a record of 101 nail polishes. Hihi, I can't believe it either. So tomorrow's school & I won't be around as much as I have been, like blogging every day. Excited that Breaking Dawn 2 is really close, gonna watch it & post something related to it. Love those who reads my posts ♥ So..comment below if you love collecting nail polishes too, or your favorite hobby. We true fashionistas should stick together ♥
Xoxo, Maria.

Quote of the day ♥

My status today:
Hihi ♥ Love this quote? Comment, like, tweet & share below to let me know, I'll post more ;) & yup, I'm single!
Xoxo, Maria.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Start Of My Stardoll Modeling Portfolio: Winter Lux ♥

Unfortunately, I can't do modeling in real life. I mean I could, but I would suck at it. I'm actually good at being a stylist, fashion blogger & designer (amateur). But I thought my medoll- Naominellie, in, could be a model & do some modeling here on my blog. So this is basically gonna be a modeling portfolio where I'm going to feature my medoll's looks & designer outfits. Starting with these two winter-based looks:

These are my medoll's new theme & room styles! Love them? Comment below, like, tweet & share to let me know your opinion or just visit my medoll- NaomiNellie 's suite in! 
Xoxo, Maria. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Starting My Lookbook! Fashion Lookbook #1 :: Chanel Chic ♥

Hey fashionistas, today I'm going to start my own Fashion Lookbook online, here on my blog. It'll be a collection of outfits & looks I love, celeb looks, my wishlist, my top fashion favs! I really hope you like it. Here's my first lookbook entry:
I just think this is so chic & cute, specially in love with the Chanel bag ♥ What do you think? Comment below to let me know your opinion about this look & my first lookbook post online. Should I continue posting looks like this, or should go for a new style, like punk?
Xoxo, Maria.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween ♥

Today's Halloween! What are your plans? I'm super excited to be a Zombie Barbie! What else did you think I was gonna be? Something fashionably scary ofcourse ♥ I got the idea from Michelle Phan, my favorite makeup artist from youtube. She has a amazing sense of fashion & always has the best music in her makeup tutorials. In the Zombie Barbie makeup tutorial she played the song ''Primadonna'' & other songs of one of my fav singers, Marina & the diamonds. I think she did a pretty good job, check it out on this video below:

P.S. This is my first blog post, on Hallow's Eve ♥ What do you think of it? Should I continue like this, or should I improve? Plz let me know by commenting on this post! Bye for today, xoxo.