Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lookbook Interior #1 :: Parisian Heart ♥

Hey girls! Sorry, I haven't been lookbooking much here on my blog, since Black Friday. So today I'm gonna post a lookbook material which is slightly different- its lookbook interior ♥ As you know, I love Paris & New York. & so I'm totally in love with this inspired Paris Room & just can't wait to have one like this:
You can find all interior design posts in the labels: "Decor" & "Lookbook Interior" ♥ So what do you think? Can you dream out loud about having a room like this one? I think this room is simply adorable & chic at the same time! & as I have a fashion heart, I won't hesitate a bit about dreaming out loud about having a room like this one ♥ J'adore Paris (& New York). Like, tweet, share & comment if you love this Paris inspired room, I'll see you soon with more stylish interiors ♥
Xoxo, Maria.