Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hey pretty readers, I have seen that many of you don't know what ''xoxo'' means. But many of you pretend that you know it, haha just joking! Xoxo means hugs & kisses. Now you know it. Love, as simple as that ♥ & why am I suddenly saying this? The reason is I'm going to spend the winter vacation in my home country Bangladesh, I won't be blogging much & I just want you guys to know that I love you, my pretty readers. I'll be really busy, & guess what? I'm going to be a bridesmaid! Its my cousin's wedding & I'm really excited. I have to do the bridesmaid shopping as soon as I get there, & then learn myself the dance choreography & attend all the rituals & the parties. I'll try my best to fill you in with all the gory details of a total indie wedding & my journey as a bridesmaid ♥ I'm flying to BD tomorrow & I'll be back in Sweden in January. Hope to see you soon with my bridesmaid diary, inspired by my stay in BD, so until then... 
Xoxo, Maria.  [quoted from ''xoxo,Gossip Girl'' the best tv show on earth]