Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Black Friday! ♥

Hey fashionholics, happy Black Friday to you all. Black Friday is basically the day following Thanksgiving Day in the U.S, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season! Have you guys started shopping for Christmas yet? I'm not a Christian, but I love the Christmas atmosphere, Christmas trees, sales, shopping, food, gifts & ofcourse, Santa Claus! Hihi yeah, I believe in him. So now I'm just gonna post this year's Black Friday fashion:
                             Stolen from Style Magazine.
Hell yeah, don't miss the awesome sales! I have already started the Christmas & winter shopping, what about you? & I think this year's Black Friday top trends were quite classy, specially the velvet jacket & those black earrings! Like them? I would love to know, so comment away! & don't forget to like, tweet & share if you like 'em. By the way- Black Friday Styleshow- 
Xoxo, Maria.