Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Cyber Monday! ♥

Happy Cyber Monday shopaholics! So maybe some of you are wondering what ''Cyber Monday'' is, or what the hell is she talking about? Cyber Monday is basically the monday following Black Friday & Thanksgiving in the US when many people buy a lot of things online. And Cyber Monday just made today, my crappy-as-always monday so much better! So did any of you shop online? I didn't shop online this year, because I already did a loads of shopping on Black Friday & spent all my money. But still, it was worth it ♥ No exceptions to shopping, right? So I just wanted to say, have a nice Cyber Monday shopping online, don't miss the awesome sales right now & have loads of fun! Please let me know how your Cyber Monday went by commenting below! Like, tweet & share if you loved this fashion post, its not much to ask, is it? I'll see you soon with more of them ♥
Xoxo, Maria.