Monday, March 4, 2013

Gossip starts here: Jennifer Lawrence smokes weed?!

Hey guys, its Gossip of the week time! & this week's celeb gossip's about the one & only, Jennifer Lawrence. Wow, when did JLaw start smoking weed? Is she really that upset about her fall at the Oscars? (kiddin'). She had a hectic couple of months, the Oscars and a tumultuous week, she was stressed. So she has traveled to Hawaii for to relax and recover her strength. But who would have known that her qualitative chill time was including red wine and weed? Yup, some picture sources tell that Jen is totally smoking the ganga while chillin' around by herself. Has America's newest sweetheart turned out to be a total badass chick? But to be honest, I don't think smoking weed will cause anything to her huge fandom & make people hate her. Maybe its a bit unexpected & might come as a shock to you guys, but you have to admit that we all love badasses more than goody two shoes! Don't forget to comment your opinion, like, tweet & share. See you next week with another celeb gossip, another hot mess.
                                       Fav pics of JLaw:
@ the Oscars.
Xoxo, Maria.