Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hairstylize #1 :: Messy buns ♥

Hey pretty readers! Yesterday was about nail art, today's about hairstyles ♥ Find all the hairstyles I'll be posting in the brand new label- Hairstylize. Yes, thats the name I came up with, for the label of hairstyles! I wanted something simple & stylish for the first post on Hairstylize, & here it is! Messy buns are top trends right now ♥ I simply love them & am obsessed with doing 'em in different ways! They're fun, quick, chic & easy to do, you know, the usual way ;) This bun is slightly sophisticated & it suits both casual & party wear, though it depends on what you're wearing. So my tip to you is: when in doubt, always put your hair up in a high messy bun! Helps a lot ♥ So comment your opinion bout' this hairstyle. Love messy buns? Then don't forget to like, tweet & share with your friends who love it too! Subscribe to stay tuned for more fashionable posts, & for live blog updates, simply follow me on twitter: @pink_belieber ♥ I'm also on tumblr: & you can find lots of fashion photos there! I would love for you to follow me there too. So thats all I can ask for! See you soon, bye for now ♥
Xoxo, Maria.