Saturday, February 16, 2013

Barbie Cafe! ♥

Hi girls! How has your Valentine's day been? Let me know by commenting below. Hope my two Vday-related posts helped & entertained you! Omg, did you know that the very first Barbie Cafe is opened? Its packed with pink & delicious treats ♥ Its a explosive pink blast!  I adore Barbies, I guess I'll never be too old for Barbies ♥ I would looove to go there, but unfortunately its in Taiwan :( Anyways, here's some exclusive pics of the brand new, Barbie cafe!
The Barbie Cafe Banner ♥
The Menu ♥
Always thought waitresses have a hard time @ restaurants! But now, I wanna be a waitress & work @ the Barbie Cafe when I grow up! Girls who work there are just so lucky ♥
The Barbie Cook! & the delish food:
[Chic!] Clothing:
Cafe Decor ♥
Love the interior, quite chic clothing, & the food seems so yum! What do you think? Comment your opinion please! & don't forget like, tweet & share if you absolutely love the Barbie Cafe ♥
Xoxo, Maria.