Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mondays remind me of Gossip Girl ♥

Hey girls ♥ So this post is kinda personal, its about how much I miss Gossip Girl, my favorite TV-show! Oh I wish it was 2007 again, when it started. I remember myself thinking.."cool name, gonna check this out!" & then I just fell in love with it after watching the first episode. GG has inspired me in so many different ways; fashion, classiness, chicness, coolness, bitchiness, New York, Paris, & creating my own style & expressing it confidently ♥ It always made my crappy mondays better..& now its gone forever & I miss it so very much! Things I have learned from GG:

1. Tights are not pants (knew that already- thank you so much for clearing my doubts).
2. 20 year olds can successfully run billion dollar companies without college education.
3. Dating someone you share a half sibling with isn’t abnormal at all.
4. Never trade your girlfriend for a hotel..seriously, you’ll never hear the end of it.
5. But its perfectly acceptable to send incriminating video to Gossip Girl and sleep with your girlfriend’s best friend.
6.  Even if you have been dead for 3 years, you’re probably still alive.
7. Wearing a nice suit, lots of purple, flamboyant bow ties isn’t gay at all- its classy.
8. Limos & Elevators- extremely sexy.
9. Kissing a girl when you’re playing spin the bottle is like tradition- its cool.
10. How to be a great parent:
-Give your child a Chanel  wallet & cash for Christmas.
-Ignore child for the whole summer.
-put your child in jail.
-let your child go abroad without consent.
11. Misscarriages aren’t sad at all nor do they have a emotional effect on people
12. Nothing wrong with a 20 year old sleeping with a 17 year old
13. ‘’I’m Chuck Bass’’ are the sexiest words in English language
14.  No one really cares who gossip girl is.
15. Brooklyn is the place across the bridge where wannabes & lower classes live- don’t ever go there!
16. Its absolutely okay to cheat & sleep with someone's ex.

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Xoxo, Maria.