Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gossip starts here: One Direction Scandals ♥

Sorry guys! I haven't posted ''Gossip of the week'' for a long time. But today, no excuses! Here with a celeb gossip, seems like the pretty boys of One Direction have their own scandals...
1. Dating Older Women: The youngest member of the boyband, the 17 year old Harry Styles is dating 32 year old TV-host Caroline Flack? Oh my..Harry? You do have a thing for older women, don't you? Well, we all know love has no age limit, but 15 years difference is kinda hard to ignore, sweetie ♥
2. Hooking up with Swiftie: Numerous reports of Taylor Swift & Harry Styles' short but dramatic romance- exhausting & a mess! Seriously, be together but not like that.
3. Cheating on Girlfriends: Hmm, the 20 year old Zayn Malik is quite a playboy, right? Hearing countless rumors about him cheating on his girlfriend Perrie Edwards, or are they just lies?  It didn't sound like a lie when a waitress came clean the other day about sleeping with him !
4. I smell gay- Larry Stylinson: No offence & no doubt that Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson have a beautiful bromance but the rumors are going outta hands, aren't they? Specially when they started sharing a flat, all sorts of reports of friendship actually being a full blown romance, started coming out. But obviously none of this was true since Louis got his Eleanor & Harry got..more girls we can't keep track of!
5. Posting Nude Pics: What a surprise when the only blonde member of 1D, Niall Horan took a photo of a naked Louis Tomlinson & showed the world by posting that photo on instagram. Later, it turned out to be fake, in fact Harry is the only one in the band having an instagram account. Anyway, here's the fake picture and come on, you must admit, it sure does look like Louis's butt!
6. The Name-stealers: One Direction sued by One Direction..confusing, huh? I know! An American punk band sued 1D for 1 million dollars last year, saying the boyband stole their name. No worries man! The British boyband are keeping the name since they won the legal dispute. Thank God! FInders keepers, losers weepers.
So I guess, Liam Payne is the good boy! But we all love the badasses more, don't we? Don't worry Harry, Zayn, Niall & Louis, all is forgiven just because you guys are such hotties ♥ Like, tweet, comment & share with your 1D-crazy friends! Please subscribe for more weekly gossips. Bye Bye for now, see you with more celeb juice.
Xoxo, Maria.