Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lookbook Interior #2 :: Fashionista Diaries- Inspired Decor Stories ♥

Hiya fashionistas! Today's Iookbook post is different, unique & inspired, its lookbook interior ♥ This collection of stylish bedroom interior below, is for the fashionistas & it also comes with a story: Fashionista Diaries- Inspired Decor Stories. So I hope you like my effort to make this decor post just fanatastic by adding little stories to it. Please comment what you think of 'em, like, tweet & share with your fashionista friends! I'm talking about Katrina, Filipa, Georgina, Chloe, Miranda & Liv here...♥
Katrina McCullen from Australia, called Trina by her family & Kat by her friends, is already into fashion even if she's just 6. This is her room, a room of a girly fashionista! She uses her sense of fashion in different, little girly ways, like playing barbie dollhouse, dressing up her barbie in stylish clothes, even making dresses for her barbie herself with the fashion design kit she got for her birthday. She buys her clothes herself & doesn't let mommy buy it, always wears accessories that matches her clothes. She styles herself, dresses up like a diva & poses in front of the mirror. Her friends always get jealous of her wardrobe, her pretty little always-arranged closet. She simply has a thing for pink & attends ballet classes, fond of the light pink tulle skirts & the graceful ballet dancers.
 13 year old Filipa Foster's room, a room of a teen fashionista from Florida! She's the It-girl in middle school, with lots of boyfriend & girlfriends requests on facebook & at school. Her sense of fashion is totally chic & she always has to style & make her girlfriends up for parties & events! ♥
This is the room of Georgina Springs, the 17 year old fashion blogger from Texas. Dreams about going to Paris, her dream destination. She wants to study fashion there, get a fashion internship & attend Paris Fashion Week. She's a dreamy fashionista who works hard, has hopes & wants to be popular in the fashion world, wants to attend all the fashion weeks & to work with magazines, celebs & models. Hope your dreams comes true Georgie! ♥
20 year old Chloè DiLaurentas has just moved out of her parents' house in Chicago & this is her new room. She studies fashion design at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She's  a college fashionista who's attending her thírd year in uni & she just can't wait to create her own clothing line when she's done with college! Good luck, Chloé ♥
Miranda Ericsson, also called Andy by her family & friends, from sunny L.A, a 25 year old who works as editor at Marie Claire magazine. This is Miranda's room, photo taken at the office suite she was given by Marie Claire. She's a professional fashionista with a job to die for! Miranda's a confident lady with a fabulous sense of fashion & dresses herself up so passionately. Her style is original & feminine ♥ Good for you, Andy!
32 year old Liv Parker from London, a housewife, loving mother of two twin baby girls & wife of a banker. This is her bedroom. "I just like fashion." says Liv. She tries to express her sense of fashion by blogging about it, plus designing/sketching & sewing clothes & trying to make them reality, shopping & styling her twin daughters & herself. In the morning when her husband is at work & the twins are asleep, she drinks her coffee & daydreams about reinventing herself by being a kids' clothes designer. & Why not? Her designs are just fab! Seems like you're reinventing fashionista, Liv! Just keep going, best wishes from Maria ♥
I think I'm more like Georgie, & what 'bout you? Girls, let me know by commenting below!
Xoxo, Maria.