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The hit TV series, Gossip Girl ended last year & there has been plenty of wonders & guesses since then that whether there will be "Gossip Girl The Movie" or not. Now it's revealed that Blake Lively, who played Serena van der Woodsen, is the reason why it will never be possible, because she thinks it's a very bad idea. Blake's former colleagues from the tv show is begging her to sign the contract. But, unfortunately, she's more focused on her career outside of the Gossip Girl bubble, says Star Magazine. "Blake feels really bad for them, because she knows some are desperate for work, but she says she’s doing them all a favor..she’s convinced a Gossip Girl flick would be a flop", tells an insider. Oh c'mon Blake, it isn't that bad, plus think about the others! & please don't be like that, cause that's so typical "Serena", always thinking negative. Gossip Girl was my life & it still is! Its was so EPIC ♥ I miss it so damn much, wish it was 2007 again. I would love for the movie to come out! & I'm more than sure that it'll be a mega hit ♥ 
Disney Starlet Laura Marano Honoring Lady Gaga by her inspired Gaga style photoshoot! & I'm lovin' it ♥
& here's Victoria's Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr's perfectly chic spring look when she was out with her cutie pie! ♥ & check out Miranda showing off how to wear spring's totally fab trend colors here: !
Jessica Hart looks really stylish celebrating a new Victoria's Secret store in Soho, Manhattan! Wow, New Yorkers, in for secret shopping? xx
Rita Ora Hosted a "Night Of Fun" at TAO Nightclub in Las Vegas! & this was what she was wearing ♥ Hot or Not, girls?! Vote by commenting, I think she looks very smart & cool, & even more smokin' hot with the bright red lipstick on!
Ashley Tisdale has a new haircolor for this spring! What do you think of it? Comment! I guess it's nice & not that different from her previous {blonde} hair!
& this is Ashley's latest outfit which I'm in love with! The dress is elegant, that bag's hot & the shoes, oh the shoes, j'adore ♥ 
Victoria's Secret Model, Cara Delevingne & her new boyfriend, Jake Bugg, going out together! & Cara's outfit's stunning, don't you think? ♥
Rihanna at a match in L.A wearing a very trendy, cool & swag outfit! it seems like she's enjoying the game, having a lot of fun & obviously she's a HUGE fan of the Los Angeles Lakers ♥ Always smile like that, RiRi!
& here's Katy Perry, bumping into Glee actor Jane Lynch while hiking! Seems like the stars are really good friends, nice ♥
Since Katy Perry broke up with John Mayer there have been some rumors swirling around saying that she & her ex-husband Russel Brand would be on the way to a reunion. Katy seems like a wise woman who learns from the mistakes of the past & Russell's currently dating a model Zara Martin, so there are differing opinions about whether these rumors are to be true or not. An insider reveals: "She's very respectful of Russell’s reasons for their break-up & would never overstep the line by begging for him to come back. But she does think that he was definitely the love of her life. It’s left a lot of people wondering if she thinks that she could have fought harder to save their marriage." Well, so do you guys think Russell & Katy will find their way back to each together? Just curious, & a cheerful lady as Katy, really deserves to be happy!
Madonna has a older brother, Anthony Ciccone who has lived as a homeless person on the streets of Michigan for now up to three years. Now, her brother has spoken out about all the family drama: "Madonna doesn't give a shit if I'm dead or alive. She lives in her own world. I never loved her in the first place, she never loved me. We never loved each other. My father would be very happy if I died of hypothermia & then he would not have to worry about it anymore. He's old school, he grew up in the depression. He doesn't want to be bothered, he's lived his life you see. He doesn't like me." He continues: "What would you do under these circumstance when your family has stood against you completely? I’m a human being, you can call me what you want. [Alcoholic] is a label, I don’t like it. I don’t need brain surgery, I merely need love and care of family and friends." Poor Anthony, what a sad story! We wonder what it is that have destroyed the sibling relationship so much that a billionaire like Madonna can't help him to get a decent life. It seems like his alcoholism have done the most damage, but is that really any excuse to not not help your brother in need? There can be a lot of other issues involved!     
Good news, girls & specially boys! Hottie Alert ♥ Adam Lambert & his longtime boyfriend Sauli Koskinen have broke up. Adam explains: “It’s been kind of on its way out in the last couple of months.” He continues: “Sauli and I remain really good friends & I know it’s a cliché thing to say. But it’s totally true. I just gave him a coffee and bagel earlier today. He’s a great person & we’ve had an amazing couple of years together. Things have just run their course.” Very well said, Adam!
Another great & hawt news, this time, just for the girls! Maroon 5 Super Hottie Adam Levine says he's never ever gonna get married! Adam Levine is one of those Hollywood men that basically everyone dream about. But get this, you'll never get the chance to get married with him, since he's afraid it will all end up with a divorce. "If you don't get married, you can't get divorced. Why couldn't we learn from the devastatingly low percentage of successful marriages that our last generation went through?'', he said in an interview with NYLON Guys. Adam is currently dating model Behati Prinsloo. You sure, Adam?!  
Selena Gomez recently released her new song "Come & Get It", which features lines that has started rumors that it is about Justin Bieber. "I love you too much, much to hide you. This love ain't finished yet"-the lyrics. But Selena says the song isn't at all about Justin. "It's not really about a specific person... It exudes confidence, strength & that is something I'm willing to share with the world..I want to represent something good & be a good example.", she told Ryan Seacrest on his show, insisting that it is about herself growing as a confident young lady.
But it's really clear that Selena's done with Justin & wants to be over with him in every possible way! She wants her footage back & deleted from Justin Bieber's upcoming documentary, Believe 3D! Things between them didn't end very well & now Sel's afraid she'll be included in Justin's movie that will be released around Christmas. Selena has ordered Justin to remove all footage of her from the movie. She reportedly heard about the movie when someone told her his team has been recording footage for a year & realized she's probably in it somewhere. Selena texted Justin "flipping out" & says she just "wants to move on". C'mon Selena!
 Taylor Swift & Harry Styles broke up a little while ago & she's been fully focusing on her career ever since the breakup. But now the "I Knew You Were Trouble" star has found love again & he's a Hawaiian surfer named John John Florence. "Taylor got in touch with JJ when she split from Harry & they went on a date when he was in America. Taylor & JJ both travel a lot for work but have planned a second date this month", a close source tells Grazia magazine. John John Florence pretty much confessed that they're a couple when being interviewed during a sporting event last week: ''Yeah, you know, it's kind of a secret thing going on right now. Can't bust it out in the public just yet.'', he told the reporter. So here's Taylor's new crush! ♥
Hi directioners, this is just your thing! One Direction's been working on a new book, called "One Direction, Where We Are: Our Band, Our Story" & they need you the guys' help with it! 1D has asked their fans to send drawings and paintings of a One Direction inspired national flag & the best submissions will win a place in the book, according to Contactmusic. If you're interested in contributing with a drawing, painting or a computer-aided picture you can send it to The book will be released later this year. Wow, thats a great opportunity & a nice chance to help out our fave boyband, 1D ♥  
This is Zoe Whelan & she was there at Niall's brother's wedding. Sorry to say directioner girls, but I don't think Niall Horan is available anymore! Last week it was revealed that Niall was hooking up with this Irish model Zoe Whelan. "Niall has been secretly dating Zoe for a couple of months after he met her backstage", an insider tells according to Contactmusic. "She's a Dubliner but is based in London to work on her modeling career". Niall Horan introduced her to his family last week, at his brother's wedding. Wow, everything just happens so fast in the celebrity world!
Can You Tell Who It Is? Zayn Malik! & guess what? Our favorite boys' are becoming wax figures at London's famous Madame Tussauds museum! Wowie, can't wait to see, all the more reasons to visit the museum now!
Will Smith knows what it's like to be young & stupid & especially how stressful it can be when all your mistakes are guarded by the public eye. Therefore, Big Will has taken Justin Bieber under his wing. He says: “Somebody is nineteen years old, they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do, just like we did. “For me the most important thing was for him to know anytime he can just call & I’ll come, whatever happens. At that age that’s what you need to know. You can do what ya gonna do, but you have someplace you can go, you can find safety.”Justin is a close friend to Will’s son Jaden, so maybe it some quite natural for him to stand up for the Biebs. So sweet of you, Will! You're exactly the kind the person who's support Justin needs right now!
Very important, beliebers!! I know many of you guys would pretty much die to have as your boyfriend & now that he's single again, it's actually not that impossible. He's been single since the beginning of 2013, when he & Selena went separate ways! Now he's revealed what he's looking for in a girl for Teen Vogue mag. "I need a girl who is funny, who can make me laugh, who's, you know, beautiful on the inside and out", he started. "Someone who's intelligent, who can keep a good conversation - who has kissable lips", he continued talking about his dream girl, who can be anyone ♥ 
But sadly, Justin Bieber's furry little friend is traumatised in Animal Shelter! Being the one & only, Justin Bieber's pet monkey is really not as easy and wonderful as it might seem. Last week his tiny baby monkey Mally was seized by German customs, since Justin flew him in without proper paperwork. Justin has continued his world tour, but Mally is still caged at the animal welfare. Now vets have spoken up, since the baby monkey is only 14 weeks old & they fear he might get traumatized. "These monkeys not only need to be with their mothers for at least a year but they should also be surrounded by their family group. They are living creatures, not celebrity accessories like a handbag", one vet says to The Sun. “Imagine a human baby sent off on a world tour at ten weeks, would anyone allow that?", he continued. Mally will be forced to stay at the shelter until Justin Bieber gets a health certificate that confirms Mally is free from diseases. Aww, poor Mally, & Jussy!
Well said, JLaw! "I Feel So Lucky That I Don’t Really Have Time To Feel Cocky!" Jennifer Lawrence tells U.K.’s Fabulous magazine. She went to a world famous trap of becoming one of the most successful young actress in the space of one year & many people would certainly lose themselves through such a life-changing success story. She’s a Best Actress Oscar winner & she's the female lead in one of the biggest movie sensations ever, The Hunger Games. Despite these achievements and successes, Miss Lawrence still isn't loosing her footing. She is well aware of the importance of maintain her humility & stay down-to-earth no matter what. She says “Definitely my family is not the kind of family that would ever let me turn into an asshole or anything like that, so I am fortunate to have them." Could you ever imagine Jennifer as a cocky & stupid asshole? I just can't! Stay like that, Jen
We haven't heard a lot from the Jonas Brothers lately, but now the trio announces they're hitting the road summer 2013. The tour, that will take place in North America, is their first in three years & will hit more than 25 cities, according to Gossip Cop. "This tour is about re-connecting with our amazing fans, who have waited patiently for three years to hear new music from us", the brothers said in a statement. "We can't wait to put on an incredible show for everyone!".
Have you guys seen the amazing movie Pitch Perfect? Well, if you have, terrific! Rebel Wilson, who played Fat Amy in the movie, is the host for this year's MTV Movie Awards & will perform along there with her co-stars Skylar Astin, Anna Camp, Esther Dean, Adam Devine, Alexis Knapp, Hana Mae Lee, Ben Platt and Brittany Snow. The entire cast will reprise their roles as a cappella groups. MTV Movie Awards is held on April 14, so don't miss it!
We all know that Kristen Stewart is a very low-key person & so was her birthday celebrations. She & her boyfriend Robert Pattinson celebrated it by inviting some friends over to her house & they had dinner together, that's all. But, the cutest thing was, writes E Online, that RPatz gave KStew his word on that they will get a dog together. The two lovebirds will start looking for their new family member as soon as possible! Awwh, that's so cute!
Kendall Jenner says she's ready to take a break from the Kardashian spotlight!
Kendall, the younger sister of the Kardashian sisters, have been in the spotlights for years now, being a regular on Keeping Up With The Kardashians & all. Now she's telling her fans that she could use a break from being a celebrity at such a young age. "Sometimes I just want to be left alone & be a normal kid for like five minutes", she says about being famous. "I don't remember what it's like to be a normal kid who isn't harassed by the paparazzi. I hate that", she continues, according to Contactmusic. The reality star also says she's sick of not having any privacy at all & being criticized for her weight. Poor Kendall, you'll be okay honey, just hold on little while! Your fans love you for being you ♥
In December 2012 Kanye West announced that his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, was pregnant. People thought they would both take things off their very busy schedules then, which Kim did & Kanye didn't. Now Radar Online has revealed that Kanye has spent only 18 days with Kim since announcing the pregnancy & most of those times has been because of Kim flying to where Kanye was. Kim is almost at the third trimester mark, where doctors strongly discourage becoming mothers from traveling. Woah, slow down Kanye, give your baby momma some time please?
Kim K also revealed recently that her biggest pregnancy craving so far is fast food. She claimed she only gained 20 pounds yet, but now experts tell us she's already gained about 65 pounds. "She's hungry all the time & getting bigger  & bigger, a close friend tells according to Radar Online. "She's lonely & feels fat. She's terrified she'll never get her body back", another source adds. They also claim she's feeling lonely because of Kanye, her baby daddy, spending much time in Paris & not as much time with her! Oh, poor little Kimmy!
Amanda Bynes slams the media again! Let us briefly say that she has been in the media blowing weather the past year & the world has got to be witnesses to all of her scandals, ranging from drunk driving to running naked in public places. Her mental health has been questioned a lot, which makes her more than upset. Yesterday, she wrote this message on her Twitter: "I'm suing certain blogs and magazines saying I have a mental illness! They take pictures anytime I've gained weight then write a fake story!" But the tweet that received most attention was this one: "I have an eating disorder so I have a hard time staying thin. "It seems pretty clear that there is something not quite right with Amanda, either physically or mentally, & also her health issues are worrisome. Get better, Amanda! There is so much good, professional help is out there. Just want you to be that happy, sweet & charming girl you used to be!
 Scarlett Johansson has got perfect skin & she's always flawless when taking pictures. Now she's revealed the secret behind her clean face & it's something everyone has got at home. ''I researched natural skincare & found that apple cider vinegar is really effective. Using it as a toner can be harsh, but if you have breakouts it can be really healing.'', she reveals. She claims her homemade toner can prevent acne & breakouts! Thanks for the beauty tips, Scarlett, I'm sure it's gonna help us a lot, so I'm gonna try this out soon!
 Lindsay Lohan claims that she's preggo, but is Lindsay really? Lindsay Lohan is crying out for attention & she tried to turn heads when she announced on Twitter that she's pregnant. But you guys know what day it was yesterday, April 1 - April Fools Day. Lindsay's team still hasn't commented on the status & neither has her boyfriend, City Of The Sun guitarist Avi Snow.
Angelina Jolie was given a huge engagement ring when Brad Pitt asked her to marry him, but the actress is not really happy about it. Angelina has replaced her multiple-diamond-ring, which was estimated at $500,000, for a simple gold band when she was visiting Congo. "Angie thought it was tacky to have such conspicuous wealth when she is visiting a third-world country on a charity mission", one source explains about her switch.
But even though the replacement ring was supposed to be for just a while, the source also says she'd rather have that one on her finger. “Angie really hates that ring. She tries to get out of wearing it as much as she can. Angie knows Brad spent a lot of time designing it for her & she would never hurt his feelings by telling him."
Angelina Jolie has opened a school in Afghanistan! Charity work is something Angelina Jolie cares very much about & now she's funded a girls only school outside of Kabul in Afghanistan. The school caters to between 200-300 students & she hopes it will be the first of many schools she starts up, writes Contactmusic. "We are inspired by knowing our work is also serving the mutual goal of providing for children in need", she said in a statement. Angelina plans on funding more schools by her self-designed accessory collection, Style of Jolie, where 100 % of the profits foes to her new foundation, The Education Partnership for Children of Conflict. Wow, you're such a kind, loving, caring & giving person, Angie!
If you're looking for a new place to buy & money isn't a problem for you, this is perfect news for you! & here might be your very chance. Victoria & David Beckham have now put their super luxurious mansion Beckingham Palace up for sale. The couple are selling the house to private buyers, because they do not want the house to be split up into smaller apartments. "Both David and Victoria spent years improving Rowneybury (Beckingham Palace) & they're prepared to wait for the right buyer who will continue their work", a close source tells. The mansion is reportedly out on the market for $15 million & they bought it in 1999 for $ 4 million!
Ellen DeGeneres Confirmed For Finding Nemo Sequel! Ellen made a remarkable performance as Dory in the 2003 Disney-Pixar movie Finding Nemo. Now it is confirmed that she will reprise her role in a sequel, Finding Dory, that will be released in 2015. "The script is fantastic & it has everything I loved about the first one: It's got a lot of heart, it's really funny, & the best part is that it's got a lot more Dory", Ellen said in a statement about the upcoming movie. The other fishes, Nemo & his dad Marlin, will also appear in the sequel! Can't wait xx
Omg girls {& guys} ! Miley Cyrus was photographed on the balcony of her Miami hotel, smoking a very suspicious-looking cigarette. Now the pics have been released & people are saying that she's definitely smoking weed. Miley was also not wearing her engagement ring at the time, which made people wonder how she's really doing & what's really going on between her & Liam. I can't make any sense of their on & off relationship & engagement. & this is not the first time that Miley has been in the hot air after being linked to drug using. In 2010 a video was leaked of Miley inhaling from a bong at her 18th birthday party. Check out the pics here and decide yourself what you think she was up to! Don't keep that up, Miles!
 Also, Liam Hemsworth, Miley's fiancé & future husband, was caught leaving the gym alone! So what's up, Liam?
Jay-Z & his wife Beyonce are interested in buying an island in North Abaco, in Bahamas, to get a chance to go on vacation in peace. "He's getting it partly to mark their fifth anniversary, but also, with Bey back in the spotlight, it's getting impossible for them to do normal things such as go to the beach with Blue", a close source says. The source also tells they want to get the island to get away from their staff & security guards. Good for you Jay & Bey!
Beyonce's body went through a lot of changes when she was expecting her child, Blue Ivy Carter. Now she's revealed she wasn't too comfortable with it from the start: "There were moments when I felt my nose had spread 20 inches & my face felt crazy fat, & my lips were swollen, & I gained 57 pounds!", she revealed. Beyonce also said she enjoyed it later along with her big cravings for fried food. After giving birth, she worked very hard to get her toned and slimmed body back.
Jay-Z is trying on a new career & it's far away from the music industry that he's a big part of, he's in fact becoming a baseball player's manager for the next year. Jay has signed Robinson Cano as his first client, who will earn $15 million this year. Jay-Z thinks his new challenge will be fun & exciting, while others in the business says he's naive. "Jay-Z doesn't know shit about baseball. You wouldn't hire a real estate agent to do neurosurgery", one other agent says. Jay is a minority owner of Brooklyn Jets, but might give up his stakes now.
Heidi Klum, her boyfriend Martin Kristen, her children & their nannies was vacationing in Oahu, Hawaii, over Easter. But the trip turned into a nightmare when her 7-year-old son Henry & the two nannies almost drowned. "We got pulled into the ocean by a big wave. Of course, as a mother, I was very scared for my child & everyone else in the water", Heidi told Us Magazine in an exclusive statement. "Henry is a strong swimmer & was able to swim back to land. We were able to get everyone out safely", she continued. Everyone is reportedly fine after the incident. Oh thank God! What if something happened to Heidi? What would happen to Project Runway then? {Just kiddin'}. Happy for you Heidi, always be careful & take care!
Lastly, Rihanna, Michael Cera, Jason Segel, Jonah Hill, Emma Watson & Paul Rudd are playing themselves in a epic comedy movie about the apocalypse! Well, that is for real this time. "This Is The End" is the name of the movie where all celebs attend James Franco's party, when the world suddenly seems to be coming to an end. The movie hits theaters in the U.S on June 12 2013. Check out the trailer above - it's hilarious!
So that's all for today guys, see you next week with more celeb juice! Be here ;)
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