Sunday, April 7, 2013

Makeup Tutorial: How To Look Like Taylor "Red" Swift! & The Stunning Red Looks From Her Elegant Album Photoshoot ♥

Hey girls with fashion! Today's topic, is all about Taylor Swift & her classy & unique new look- "Red". I think her style is really artistic & beautiful, & I'm truly impressed & inspired by this one! So I decided to share it with you guys ♥ I'm going to feature a makeup tutorial by Michelle Phan that shows exactly how to look like Taylor in her Red persona ♥ This video is just fab & very simple, I guess. & I have also got some nice snaps from the photoshoot of her latest album, Red! But I'm only gonna post photos that're related to this pretty particular look, not all the photoshoot pictures. So take a look & let me know what you think of it! Love it or not? Comment away ♥ & like, subscribe, tweet & share with other swifties {friends} if you do love it! So here's what I couldn't wait to show you:

Xoxo, Maria.