Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stardoll Modeling Portfolio: Re'belle Edition ♥

Hi dollies! If you're into Stardoll, this is for you ♥ Nah, its nothing. Just wanted to share with you guys my new stardoll style! Before it was kinda like "miss-classy-chic", but I now I'm going for a new look: "pretty-little-punk-babe". Its kinda dark, sexy, rebelle & has a bit of punky gothic in it, as you see above! Also chic, exciting, stunning & gorg, just as I wanted it to be ♥ I'm just exploring new fashion options. I had the other one, like forever. So I'm just trying see if I can express myself better in other kinds of fashion. Thats what teen girls do, they figure out their style by experimenting. I also have some new suite outfits to feature! You know, my stardoll theme & room styles ♥ I have updated them after my new look! So comment your opinion about my new look & outfits, does it suit my doll? & don't forget to like, subscribe, tweet & share with your stardollicious friends! I'm personally liking this style ♥ I'm soon gonna feature my whole Re'belle Edition Portfolio {Album} ! By the way, my medoll's name- Naominellie, @ & here you have Naominellie's Re'belle Edition:
Miss Re'bella ♥ {#RoomStylish}
Rebelle Mademoiselle! {#ThemeStylish}
My Pretty Little Dolly ♥ {#RoomStylish}
La Versita! {#RoomStylish}
{My message to the medollies: go visit my stardoll suite & vote me covergirl, pretty pls? #VoteBackPolicy!}
PS: Xoxo, Maria.