Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fashion Lookbook #4 :: Casually Stylish ♥

Hi fashionistas! How's it going keepin' up with fashion everyday? I know how hard it can be for you girls everyday morning to find an outfit thats truly fashionable ♥ Thats why I sometimes post chic outfits in my blog's fashion lookbook, they really help you a lot sometimes. They can inspire you & instantly give you ideas of what-to-wears for casual stuff & also keep it stylish at the same time! They can give you shopping ideas, inspirations & obsessions.Thats the point with today's outfit/ fashion lookbook post too. Check out this eye-catching outfit that's casual, stylish & totally shopcious & also the accessory & beauty options to go with it! I adore this, I already see me wearing this, but in different colors, makeup, accessories etc ♥ & thats how I create my own style! & what about you? Comment your opinion away about the girl's style, hot or not? Also let me know if it was inspiring ;) Don't forget to like, subscribe, tweet & share with your fashionable friends! See you later chicas ♥
A big necklace is quick, fast way of taking your outfit to a whole new level of chic! See that the girl's wearing a big gold chain necklace & matching bracelets? Here are some other necklace options to go with this trendy outfit ♥
& a pair of très chic shoes ofcourse! But it has to match the outfit though. These shoes doesn't really match the bright red pants the girl's wearing. She's wearing a pair of beige créme shoes by the way. I would rather wear matching red shoes with this outfit. & I just adore this pair below, so much, its so "pretty", has an elegant style & a feminine twist! So this could be a shoe option, we just need to find a similar pair of bright red heels ♥
If you wanna try something new & exciting for a day, these crazy lips' & nail art's perfect for you & the different, unique style you want to create! Remember to change the color to crimson in order to match the outfit ♥
Or if you wanna keep it casual, normal & stylish at the same time, this stunning nail art's definitely a option. Just change the color from hot pink to bright red for matching & you'll be fine!
Good luck being a trendsetter & dressin' up girls! By the way, from now on, find all the inspired outfits I'll be posting in the brand new blog label "Outfits." & please let me know your outfit requests by commenting below ♥
Xoxo, Maria.