Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lookbook Accessories #2 :: Chanel Purse Plaza ♥

Hey lookbook lovers! Time for Lookbook Accessories ♥ Today I'm feeling really inspired by Chanel, so I'll be mixing & matching different shades & sorts of everyone's all time favorite accessories & total must-haves- Chanel purses, in different combinations & obviously of my favorite colors, from Chanel purse color pallete. I simply have a thing for Chanel purses! They're just so stylish, classy & cool ♥ You can take these chic bags anywhere you want, keep it casual all day & take it to a party at night, they come in so much handy! The design's really nice, very pretty purses don't you think? I feel like these bags are never getting old, atleast for me. So here they are, take a look! Comment your opinion about Chanel & its purse collection, like, tweet & share if you love them too, just like me! Also if you like my Chanel purse taste ♥ Ciao chicas!
Just so lux & lavish, how many can you have? Presenting white, light pink, leather red, black & indigo/purple sunset:
I simply think the Chanel shopping bags are just so trendy! Agree?
& a Chanel wallet's useful too! Keep it in your Chanel purse with your important stuff in it, show it off ♥
Its Chanel bitches ♥ What else did you expect? Some low class & trashy accessory brand? Thats not so Chanel!
Xoxo, Maria.