Monday, March 18, 2013

Specially for the Shopaholics ♥

Hey pretty readers, if you're a true shopaholic, you have come to right place! This post is specially for you girls who have a shopaholic heart ♥ Its Quote Of The Day, as in "this quote totally made my day!" & I'm sure it made yours too! I bet you smiled when you read this ;) This is what makes us shopaholics so same, right? & this quote's also here to slow the fashion-coaster off in my blog & give my blog some balance cause I have been posting about fashion stuff like crazy & I don't want you guys to get tired! Hope you like, no, love this quote ♥ We shopaholics should stick together, so thumbs up, tweet, share & don't forget to comment your opinion, about the quote & the post! & please tell me how many times you shop in a month or a week, your favorites stores & brands, etc! I would love to know. I basically shop whenever I have money in my wallet, sometimes I save it for something extravagant or haute couture. I love designer clothes, any posh brands & my favorite stores (in my city) are H&M, Glitter & Lindex. See you guys not-too later, so bye for now ♥
Xoxo, Maria.