Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fashion Battle Part I :: UK Fashion! ♥

Hey there readers ♥ Sorry for posting so late. Easter Holidays' going on & I'm turning into bat! I sleep a lot at daytime & stay up late at night. But thats what make holidays so fun, right? Cause you can only do that kinda stuff on your holidays! After blogging I'm gonna watch a horror movie- Orphan. I heard its super scary, so I'm gonna check it out! Have you seen it before? Let me know, comment! So I just came up with a awesome idea? {think so!} How about hosting a fashion battle on my blog? Its gonna be between UK & USA ♥ Today I'm gonna post UK fashion & tomorrow, its all about the US! So you get to vote for your fave fashionable country tomorrow. & today enjoy the chic UK fashion {outfits, accessories & other stuff I put together}. Comment your opinion about the UK style! Don't forget to like, subscribe, tweet & share if you like/love it♥ Bye for now!
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