Monday, April 15, 2013

Fashion & Travel Tutorials Featuring My Favorite Fashion Blog: Peace Love Shea ∞

Hello honeys! Love fashion? Then you'll love Shea Marie too ♥ She writes the blog "Peace Love Shea", formerly "Cheyenne Meets Chanel": & I'm a huge fan of her ♥ She's one of my absolute favorites in the fashion blogging world! I also like Kristina from Kayture & Chiara from The Blonde Salad, but Shea's the best. Her blog's obviously about fashion, & also beauty, travel & lifestyle. I feel so inspired by her style & personality, & I really wanna be a style blogger like her when I grow up, successful & stunning ♥ I'm going to try to describe her style through her tutorials below, & I'm sure you'll love them & above all, her attitude ♥  I think it's just so cute & classy! & you'll know instantly that she's very unique & chic ♥ That's why I love her so much! So go take a look, don't forget to comment your opinion about her, & also like, tweet & share if you love her too! See you girls soon more fashion juice ♥
She has more videos, but I'm unable to upload them here on my blog. But hey, her youtube channel's: ! Now go check it out♥
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Xoxo, Maria.