Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lookbook Accessories #3 :: Pump it up! {Heeled} Sea Of Shoes ♥

Hey shoe lovers! I have got exactly your thing here ;) Time to add a post to my Accessory Lookbook here on Dream Out Loud♥ Today, it's all about pumps, platforms, peeptoes, stillettos, SHOES! & the best thing is...that they're all heeled ♥ I have a ever-lasting obsession with heels, I think, next to converse, they're the best in the shoe world! Don't you? So I'll be pooling over my collection of unique & different sorts of heeled shoes saved on my laptop ♥ Couldn't wait to share with you guys, as always! Maybe they can give you some shoes inspirations & shopping ideas. Just check 'em out, I think they're super chic, so beauté, eleganté & feminine ♥ Right? Let me know what you think by commenting below! Hot or not? Which one's your absolute fave? I would love to know, your opinion ♥ Also like, tweet & share with other shoe lovers, & don't forget to subscribe for more fashionable accessories ♥ Thanks for reading, bye for now.
Those were some stunning printed shoes ♥
Crimson Red ♥
Oh, Classics ♥
More pretty with a purse to add, specially if it's pink, oh la la ♥
Suede tints ♥
Bright Hotte Pinks ♥
& Some Magenta Accents ♥ 
Dark Lilac Rose ♥
Cream Beige, just like Maybelline mousse ♥
Oh, this one's my FAVE ♥ Those pretty little studded bows & the nude peach color ♥
Paris Perfect ♥
Oh look, a peeptoe! Oh so nude pink ♥
Light Turquiose with sophisticated bows, my summer mint ♥
Jesus, I love these! ♥ (Even though I'm not a Christian :)
Time for some glitzy glam! ♥
These are even gorgeous with ribbons, right girls?! ♥
Lacework Delight ♥
This is abnormally WOW ♥
Babydoll shoes ♥
Metalic Glints, make it stand out! ♥
Faux leatherette, shine bright like a diamond ♥
Finishing off with some Strappy Heels ♥
Xoxo, Maria.