Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fashion Battle Part II :: USA Fashion! ♥

Hi girls! Today I'm just gonna continue the fashion battle between the UK & US which I started hosting yesterday ♥ Yesterday I posted the full coverage of the UK fashion & today you're gonna get the full review of the American style! The fashion battle ends today, so make sure to vote for your fave fashionable country {in the comments section below} ♥ Don't forget to take a look at the UK style review: ♥
As a country, I personally like the US a bit more than the UK. But, in case of fashion, its really hard to choose for me! I'm in love with both ♥ But what's your choice? I would love to know, so comment your opinions away! Also let me know what you think about the American style by commenting below. The most voted country wins ofcourse ♥ & by the way, I love catfights! Hope this fashion battle helps to improve you guys' sense of fashion & gives you a clear view on both countrys' fashion {in comparison} ♥ Like, subscribe, tweet & share with your friends if you liked/loved the USA style & this fashion battle! I'll see you soon with more posties, bye ♥
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Xoxo, Maria.