Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Fashion Lookbook [#5] :: Springtime Outfit Photos & Videos ♥

Hiya souls! Spring's here, & it's time to blog about it ♥ Oh spring, I have longed for you buddy! So today's gonna be all about spring fashion. I have put together some videos & outfits that you just gotta love! I'm featuring Michelle Phan, again, for the videos. I'm really #1 Michelle's fan ♥ For the outfits, I'm going for florals, pastels, prints, ruffles, bows, beads to give you guys a real spring feeling ♥ I'm obsessed with these & I suggest these to you as perfect wear for springtimes that we all adore ♥ They will help you with closet cleaning & creating a nice wardrobe for spring. I also hope that they'll give you spring styling ideas & inspire you! So take a look & let me know what you think of 'em by commenting away! Don't forget to like, tweet & share with your friends who absolutely love spring. Subscribe for endless fashion ♥ See ya soon!
Spring Tutorials ♥
"March Into Spring" with Michelle! A spring fashion tutorial for dress-up ideas & inspirations ♥
"Spring Cleaning With H&M" by Michelle! She collaborates with H&M in this spring tutorial, perfect for spring closet cleaning & creating a spring wardrobe ♥
Spring Outfits Obsessions & Suggestions ♥
The pink bow makes the dress even more pretty! Right girls? Or no, actually, the color pink makes everything look beautiful ♥
Bangles & bracelets work very well with these types of spring dresses, switches to a whole new level of chic!
& those adorable florals ♥ [Look by Gossip Girl's Queen Bee, Blair Waldorf [Leighton Meester].
Look by Blair Waldorf [Leighton Meester] from Gossip Girl. This one really inspires me! Love how she wore a cute & fun floral top with a casual, kinda "official" style skirt, & what a nice designed bag, B! ♥
Complete look by Serena van der Woodsen [Blake Lively] from Gossip Girl ♥ & this is truly some stunning styling! Its so perfectly pastel, such a great color combination ♥
These pastel pearl beaded necklaces are awesome as spring accessories, amazing for accessorizing & matching with your outfits!
This is a spring cocktail party dress I really love ♥ I love the colors & the girly ruffles!
This is perfect for office wear & even outside the official world! The ruffles makes it look so much more nicer, rather than just a plain top, & the big bow is such a feminine twist ♥
These kinda tops are gonna be a huge hit this spring & summer! I just love its elegance so much! & the color, its truly so lovable♥
& those were some more chic floral wear! ♥
These sheer, soft & girly dresses will make anyone look gorgeous in broad daylight ♥
& it's even better to add a bit of glam in it!
& some more charming pastels & florals ♥
Impress everyone even more with studded purses, chained metalic bracelets, & ofcourse, the beautiful yellow color!
Have fun spring shopping ♥ Spring, I love you! Summer, I'm still waiting ♥
Xoxo, Maria.