Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fashion Lookbook #6 :: Gold Highlights & Bronze Accents ♥

Hi fashionistas! Happy saturday ♥ I'm back to blogging after 3 days break. Just so you know, I was fighting with a real bad cold, drinking hot chocolate & spending my time rewatching Gossip Girl in my PJs ♥ But today I'm feeling a lot better & I'm so in the mood for fashion passion blogging again. I'll be pooling over all the gold & bronze colored/tinted outfits & accessories saved on my laptop. There's also gonna be lots of shades of them, like beige, hazel, peach gold, bright, blazin', glitter gold, matte, dull & greyish gold, copper tones, etc! You'll see loads of golden studs, sequins, metallic glints, belts, bracelets, rings, clutches & more. Hope you like them & get a nice, clear view on the golden color ♥ I personally think these fashion photos are really totally chic, sexy, feminine & lookbook-worthy! Plus I'm very much fond of the hot & stylish colors- gold & bronze. Comment what you think! I would love to know ♥ Don't forget to like, tweet & share if you love 'em! Also subscribe to DOL for more fashion lookbook entries ♥ Thanks for reading, ciao!
Going for glamorous at daytime ♥
Party chic for nighttime! Those gorgeous studs ♥
Faux gold fur for heavy accessorizing ♥
Grey gold leatherette bag ♥
Hazel green cargo pants, lite beige nails & a big, fat, bright metal gold ring ♥
Lite hazel crease skirt with metal-studded belt, velvet clutch & dirty gold bracelet ♥
Even cuter & sassier with a popsicle! & gold buttoned, high-heeled boots + a classic black bag with charms on the strap ♥
Heavily sequined gold jacket ♥
Velvet strappy sandal heels & golden glitter at the back to make it stand out even more than usual!
iPhones- The Gold Edition ♥ Simply lovable!
Oh, & the top trendy Marc Jacobs peach gold handwatch ♥
Adorin' that Moschino belt ♥
& teeny tiny, gold curved camera locket ♥
Gold infinite necklace ♥
Gorg peach Yves Saint Laurent iPhone case ♥
iPhone & candy pink lipgloss resting on a copper gold, sequin cushion ♥
Gold sets ♥
Models on the golden highway ♥
Even celebs rocking the golden look!
Kristen Stewart, from Twilight!
Nina Dobrev, from The Vampire Diaries ♥
Blake Lively, from Gossip Girl ♥
Lastly, Leighton Meester, from GG ♥ Manhattan's Queen B looks so dashin' with her black & gold prom dress on ♥
& this golden quote made my day!
 Xoxo, Maria.