Monday, April 1, 2013

Me as a Music Addict ♥

Hey music lovers! You have come to the right place ♥ I'm a irrecoverable music addict! I listen to music all the time, I just can't get enough ♥ Right now I'm listening to Thrift Shop by Macklemore, its awesome! Keep calm & check it out. I basically listen to all kinds of music, it just has to be good stuff. My fave genres: pop, disco & dance! So I have decided that I'm gonna post some uncommon but addictive music, some of my fave songs, from now on, well, sometimes. Music's definitely gonna help light up my blog. Find all the music I'll be posting in the brand new blog label "Music Heart" & also in "Teenage Lifestyle" ♥ Comment your opinion about the songs, I found them while getting lost on youtube, which I love doing ♥ Maybe you have never heard these before, but trust me, these are hardcore intoxicating! So which one's your fave? Listen & vote in the comments section! Thumbs up, tweet & share if you're a music lover & if ya got a music heart! Also if you like my sense of music ♥ Now close your eyes & enjoy:
Stay- MNDR ♥
Surrender- Digital Daggers ♥
Where the lonely ones roam- Digital Daggers ♥
Your love's a drug- Leighton Meester ♥
Je ne sais pas- Azuro ft. Elly ♥
Jokero- Akcent ♥
Ooh Yeah- Moby ♥
Dancin' In The Dark- DEV ♥
White Nights- Oh Land ♥
Imagine- Tone Damli ft. Eric Saade ♥
So thats all {10 songs} for today! Hope you guys love them, let me know what you think of 'em by commenting away ♥ See you soon with more toxic music!
Xoxo, Maria.